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Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process

The principal ingredients of Cemented Carbide are WC (tungsten carbide) and Co (cobalt). These are rare metals, and it is necessary to control usage in order to protect resources. Our company has established a process of thorough quality control where the raw powder is selected carefully without any waste. Moreover, we promote the IT management to optimize the lead time from the order to the shipment, with a transparent manufacturing process and our offer of accurate information to the customer.


Several kinds of raw powders (tungsten carbide and cobalt, etc.) are uniformly mixed. The size and the ratio of grain are different depending on the kind.


The mixed raw material is packed into the press, and is compacted into colu-mns, cylinders, or blocks. Press method and type differ according to the shape of the product.


The compacted item is heated to a temperature between 600℃ and 1000℃, hardening to a degree that allows it to be processed.


When sintering we consider customer needs and subsequent processing, designing to specification while allow-ing for shrinkage. Powder generated by processing is recycled in later com-pounding operations.


The molded product is heated to between 1300℃ and 1500℃ and is baked completely. The result is Ceme-nted Carbide material.


We carefully pack all products, check-ing size against the specifications and making sure there are no external abnormalities or faults. We ship to various places nationwide.

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