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Main Uses

Materials for forging tools

We create the various materials that support key industries such as the auto sector and the machine sector. The materials created with our forging methods are of excellent quality in terms of size, accuracy and strength. Moreover, forging technology is expected to develop more and more in the future and gives higher productivity than that obtained with machining such as cutting. Our Cemented Carbide is a material that is indispensable for dies and the tools of construction such as punches.

Metal mold materials for electronic parts

The assembling process for semiconductors that are the basis of the electronics industry consists of the resin-sealing process, the cutting process and the bend process. Our Cemented Carbide plays an important role in the precision molds used to create the punches, dies, etc. that are used in the pot-plungers of the resin-sealing process, as well as in the cutting process and bend process.

Materials for slitter knives

Cutting of multilayer capacitor and rare earth permanent magnets used for personal computers, cellular phones, digital cameras, and LCD TVs, etc., items that have become indispensable to our modern lifestyles. Moreover, this cutting process is used in many different areas of industry such as magnetic tape, corrugated cardboard, paper diapers, and notebooks. Our company manufactures various cutting blades suited to the material to be processed.

Materials for mine engineering works

Our bits are used in construction machinery (boring machines, shield machines, etc.), in well construction, geologic reconnaissance (such as mines) and to dig tunnels. As the nature of soil varies by location, from flimsy ground to hard bedrock, so to do the characteristics of the necessary tools differ. Using our abundant resources we offer tools that are suitable for any purpose.

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