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Special Process

Special Process

1) Tap processing

Screw processing of Cemented Carbide is difficult and involves a lot of time and expenditure. Generally electric discharge machining is used. However we have succeeded in the development of tap processing by applying our own special metal joint technology. Moreover, tap processing can be carried out directly on super-hard alloys by molding. The process differs according to usage and shape. Inquires should be directed to our Sales Department.

2) Multi coating

Our company applies a decompression heat CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) method to the surface of the molding tools for the Cemented Carbide metal molds etc., and does contract manufacturing that coats the multilayer thin film of Ti compounds.
The product quality of the material to be processed improves because the molding tool from which the coating processing is given is improved with abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, and seizure resistance, thus greatly extending tool life.

3) HIP (Hot Isostatic Pressing)

Cemented Carbide has been called a material where residual pinholes occur. However due to advances in processing technology pinholes are no longer a problem. However, there are cases where a little pinhole becomes a damage factor in the early stage of carbide tools. At our company all our products are subjected to low pressure HIP processing in order to combat this problem and avoid defects. With products where ultra-fine particle alloy binding is less than 10%, high pressure HIP is carried out. HIP is a technology that compresses, heats the inert gas, and applies the high temperature and high pressure to the Cemented Carbide, thereby crushing small internal pinholes. Strengthening the binding power in the hard particles and the metallic binder to get rid of minute defects brings about an overall strength improvement.

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